Hiring and cancellation rules.


  • Before the course starts, the corresponding fee must be paid. The books necessary for the course are not included in the registration fee.
  • The creation of new groups will be subject to the availability of our teachers, free classrooms and the minimum number of students. Each class requires 4 students or more to get started, if the class cannot be successfully arranged we will refund all fees paid.
  • All courses have the possibility of being paid monthly. (except courses for international students) however when paying annually we offer you one month free.
  • The group class schedule is adapted to the educational school schedule of the Basque Government, therefore, vacation days and holidays are also charged within our rates.
  • The payment of our services can be: single payment in cash or card or direct debit of the payment (by signing and completing the sheet the charge and the direct debit are accepted).
  • Private classes are indivisible, in the event that two students are in a private class, the session will be held for a single level and with a single material, so the two students will have to present the same level according to the evaluation carried out previously.
  • Cancellation and refund policy:
    • Notice must be given 15 days before the end of the month, otherwise the full following month will be paid.
    • The fee paid by the student is non-refundable after the course start date, if the student cannot continue the course after paying, the course can transfer to another student (new student must pay a registration fee) or choose any other service provided by the school.
    • To cancel a private lesson, the student must notify them through the WhatsApp group or directly to the teacher at least 24 hours before and the class can be recovered later, otherwise the class will be charged without the right to be recovered.

International students


  1. ELE USAL BILBAO provides all possible help to students so that the visa can be successful.
  2. ELE USAL BILBAO provides an admission letter and proof of residence for students.
  3. The enrollment is valid for 12 months, that is, after issuing the enrollment, if the student needs time to apply for the visa or join the course, our school will reserve a 12-month deferral for the student.
  4. If the student cannot attend the course on time due to the delay in the visa application process or for other reasons, the school will provide an extension letter or a new admission letter at no additional cost.
  5. Students must notify our school 4 weeks before the course start date to request a postponement.
  6. It is understood that the student upon receiving the visa is committed to attending classes and in no case will ELE USAL BILBAO reimburse the amount paid because the student wishes to fail to do so.
  7. Once our school completes the student’s registration and sends the admission letter to the student by email, the student cannot abandon the visa application and request a refund without submitting the visa application. Otherwise, 25% of the total amount paid will not be refunded but 75% of the payment made.
  8. Once the visa is obtained, our school will help the student with the subsequent process to arrive in Spain.
  9. The refund of the registration fee (350 Euros) will be subject to the reason for refusal of the visa but never to a change of opinion of the student.
  10. If the visa is denied for any reason, students must provide us with the visa denial letter to continue with the process.
  11. If the visa refusal letter mentions an error caused by the student; our school will try to help you correct and reapply with stronger documents at no additional cost.
  12. If the visa refusal letter mentions an error caused by the school; that means the admission letter and proof of residence issued by our school, our immigration lawyers will study the case and contact the embassy as soon as we receive the rejection letter to do everything possible to resolve it without additional cost or refund the amount total paid to the student.