About us



ELE USAL Bilbao is the first Spanish school of the University of Salamanca in the Basque Country, whose main objective is to disseminate the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, for this reason we have general courses from September to June.


We offer courses of all levels of Spanish (A1/A2/B1/B2/C1/C2) according to the classification of the Common European Framework of Reference. Our classes have been taught by native and highly qualified teachers and for the last two years.


Mission: Dissemination of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, giving students the theoretical and practical knowledge inherent to their level, so that they can acquire and enhance their capacities and aptitudes as individuals and members of a society and culture.


Vision: Achieve academic and institutional excellence as a teaching center that highlights the value of the Spanish language, obtaining national and international recognition for our management of teaching Spanish through commitment, pedagogical guidance and human relations among all members of our community.



Our program aims to impart to the apprentices the appropriate knowledge in accordance with the chosen course using all the didactic materials available in the center.


The methodology applied in class will be based on the communicative approach, attending to different communication contexts through practical cases, tasks, simulations, oral presentations, etc., to promote the development of communication strategies in accordance with the CEFR, seeking participation and the implication of the students so that the learning is active, that is to say, oriented to the use and, therefore, to the processes. To achieve this active learning, the techniques and resources of the teaching of foreign languages ​​will be applied (acquisition of the vocabulary appropriate to the level through different exercises, oral and written activities), promoting the responsibility of the student and their autonomy in the construction of their own learning, so strategic competence will be developed.


At ELE USAL Bilbao we consider continuous evaluation to be very important, which according to the Common European Framework of Reference is the evaluation carried out by the teacher, and perhaps also by the student, regarding the actions in class, the work and the projects carried out over the years. throughout the course. During the classes we favor the analysis of errors, especially the systematic ones (those that are repeated in a certain phase and that allow us to observe certain underlying regularities, regularities that are part of the interlanguage of that stage), fossilized (those that are repeated in successive phases and that offer greater resistance, either due to the complexity of the structure itself, or due to an interference problem or any other kind of contamination) and collective (those that characterize a group of students, normally with a common mother tongue). In this way, the student will take note and become aware of the errors and what he knows how to do and to what extent he does it well or badly. To do this, you will have the help of the teacher who will set the guidelines for evaluating your learning, that is, what you need to discard, modify or reinforce.



Our school is small but we make it a great place to learn.


The school is located on a ground floor, exterior and accessible, with an area of ​​more than 200 m2. The center currently has the following facilities and services: Large reception area, community area, for reading, waiting or studying, teachers’ room, library, 6 classrooms, 2 bathrooms, a small cafeteria area with a machine of coffee and tea. Wi-Fi network throughout the school, available to our students.


Being a small school we have a close and friendly team.

Teacher.   Spanish, she is a creative and innovative teacher who is always in constant creation. His classes are dynamic and fun. What motivates your students to learn in each class.   Celia has a double university degree in education from two recognized universities, the...

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Head of Studies.   Graduated in Modern Languages ​​and Business Management from the University of Deusto and with a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Zaragoza.   Estibaliz is a close person, who with her skills in other...