Gheily Jiménez

Gheily Jiménez

Spanish teacher.


Venezuelan, she is an adaptable and innovative teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience.


Gheily obtained her degree as Professor of Integral Education at the Monseñor Rafael Arias Blanco Pedagogical University Institute in Venezuela. She has worked as a classroom teacher and teacher of Spanish as a foreign language, preparing levels from A1 to C1 and preparing for the CCSE exam. She is also certified as an examiner for the A1-A2 level of the Instituto Cervantes for the DELE oral tests.


She has experience in applying language immersion programs, mother tongue, and language camps with children, adolescents, and adults in countries such as Venezuela, Australia, Dubai, and Spain.


She has multicultural skills in the educational area to provide students with a comprehensive education, accompanying them throughout the process by incorporating activities that include art, music, and games to encourage creative and experiential learning processes.


In her free time she likes to read and paint.


Languages: Spanish (mother tongue) and English (B2).