¡Empezamos con el test de nivel de inglés! Elige la respuesta correcta


Nombre / Name
1) Can I park here?

2) What colour will you paint your living room?

3) How old are you?

4) I can't understand this message.

5) I'd like two tickets for Saturday night.

6) Shall we go to the gym now?

7) His eyes were ...... bad that he couldn't read the number plate of the car in front.

8) The company needs to decide ...... and for all what its position is on this point.

9) Don't put your glass on the ...... of the table – someone will knock it off.

10) I'm sorry - I didn't ...... to disturb you.

11) The singer ended the concert ...... her most popular song.

12) Would you mind ...... these plates a wipe before putting them in the cupboard?

13) I was looking forward ...... at the new restaurant, but it wasn’t open.

14) ...... tired Melissa is when she gets home from work, she always makes time to read a story to her children.

15) It was only a week ago ...... she started her new job.

16) The shop didn't have the boots I wanted, but they've ...... a pair specially for me.

17) Have you got time to discuss your work now or are you ...... to leave?

18) Once the plane is in the air, you can ...... your seat belts if you wish.

19) It wasn't a bad accident and ...... damage was done to my car.

20) She's married and she has three ...........

21) I usually wake up ... (8:30)

22) I usually ____ at home however today I ______ in a restaurant

23) Chloe: Dad, my computer is broken again. I need a new one / Dad: I ____ buy one if we had the money, but it’s not possible right now.

24) Do you like Bilbao?

25) We regret _______ you that your flight has been cancelled

26) I have hurt my arm. I need to go ___ the hospital

27) The meeting will be at _____

28) When ____ you ___(to go) to the hospital?

29) I wish I ______ English

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