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Quality guaranteed

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Our school offers general Spanish courses for:


  • LEVEL A1 (ACCESS) Initial: students without knowledge of the language.


  • LEVEL A2 (PLATFORM) Basic: students who need to interact in simple and common situations of daily life.


  • LEVEL B1 (INTERMEDIATE) Intermediate: students who need to maintain interaction and make themselves understood in a variety of situations; expose a problem, express your opinion, ask for clarifications, make complaints; express themselves simply in the past tense and explain future events and plans.


  • LEVEL B2 (ADVANCED) Advanced: students who need to explain and defend their opinions in a debate; expose the advantages and disadvantages of an issue, speculate on possible hypothetical situations; converse naturally, fluently and effectively.


  • LEVEL C1 (PROFICIENCY) Higher: students who need to have a wide linguistic repertoire, which will allow them to communicate fluently, broadly and precisely, and to adapt to different registers, which will allow them to function in all areas.


  • LEVEL C2 (MASTER) Improvement: students who need to be able to easily understand practically everything they hear or read. Reconstruct information and arguments from various sources, whether in spoken or written language.

Number of courses per level




The A1 level Spanish courses have a duration of 60 hours, in the case of the A2 level courses these are divided into two courses of 60 hours each, as well as in the B1 level. Level B2 is divided into 3 courses of 60 hours each, in the same way as in C1. Finally, C2 is divided into 3 courses of 70 hours each.



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