Super intensive Spanish course – 20 hours

Super intensive Spanish course – 20 hours

From 150€
agrupación de jóvenes estudiantes

About this course

The first super-intensive Spanish course. ELE USAL BILBAO’s best seller.

The best guaranteed results from the School of Spanish Language from the University of Salamanca.

500 million Spanish speakers await you.


Discounts: Scholarships and grants available up to 100%

Description of the course

This super intensive Spanish course in ELE USAL Bilbao is aimed at students who wish to learn Spanish grammar and practice conversation 4 hours a day.
This super-intensive course of 20 classes per week is ideal for combining your classes with other activities and learning Spanish effectively through knowledge of vocabulary, grammatical structures and use of the language. It is one of the most requested Spanish courses in Bilbao, since students achieve a great command of the language in a short period of time.

Our teaching method is entirely interactive, using practical, real-life talking points as a basis for learning. It is ideal for students looking to learn the language and have free time to enjoy and embrace the country and culture.

We have a personalised program to better meet students’ needs and adapt the course to their needs. We have an average of 5 students and a maximum of 10 in each class, which allows a lot of participation and interaction in the classroom.


The 20 hour intensive Spanish course can be taken in person, online or in a combined way.


All ages and levels following the CEFR A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2


Student residence

Minimum stay

1 week


From Monday to Friday 7:30-21:30
4 hours a day, 20 classes a week
Duration of classes: 50 minutes


From €7.50/hour

Number of students

5 to 10 students

Start date

Course is available to start every Monday throughout the year

Cultural activities

Very frequent depending on the demand of students

Discounts, scholarships and grants

  • AU PAIRS that work in the Basque Country: 10%
  • Students from the ELE USAL network: 10%
  • If you live in the Basque Country but you are unemployed (or currently not working): 10%
  • Apply for scholarships of up to 100% for companies, self-employed and people with special needs

Benefits of doing a Super intensive course of 20 hours in ELE USAL BILBAO

– Best European City in 2018
– A charming and modern city (BLOG: Why study in Bilbao?)
– ELE USAL’S own material and methodology
– Teaching methods focused on conversation and communication
– Evaluation and cultural activities completely free.
– Books, WIFI and welcome folder included in your registration.
– New groups each week all throughout the year, including summer.
– ELE USAL schools teach Spanish in the fastest and most continuous way.
– Language trips, studying and visiting the University of Salamanca, without losing out on classes.
– With this intensive Spanish course, students have more free time to explore the city and culture
– The option to change city before the course finishes for whatever your reasoning (Ask us about the change and costs)
– This course allows you to have a good balance between your daily life, studies, work and other social activities
– Worldwide recognised certificate of ELE, stamped by the the Spanish schools of the University of Salamanca
Duration 3 hours a day Price / week
1 week 20 hours Monday to Friday 300 €
2 weeks 40 hours Monday to Friday 250 €
3 to 12 hours 60 to 240 hours, Monday to Friday 200 €
More than 13 weeks More than 260 hours, Monday to Friday 150 €

This course can be taken alongside our 4 or 8 hour courses in the afternoon.

Nuestro curso está dirigido a todos los alumnos que desean aprender de forma rápida o reforzar su español desarrollando todos los aspectos del lenguaje, practicaremos la gramática, el vocabulario y la expresión escrita y oral en situaciones cotidianas y comunicativas.

Contamos con un programa personalizado para satisfacer lo mejor posible las necesidades de los estudiantes.

Los mejores resultados garantizados por La Universidad de Salamanca, ELE USAL Bilbao.


Todos los niveles según el Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las lenguas (MCER) : desde el A1 al C2

Horarios y fechas

El curso está disponible durante todo el año.
Estancia mínima: 1 semana
Fecha de inicio: Todos los lunes del año
Turnos: Mañana, tarde y noche.
De lunes a viernes: de 8:30 a 21:00

Número de alumnos

De 3 a 4

Actividades culturales

Muy frecuentes según la elección de nuestros alumnos.

Opción 1 – de lunes a jueves

Duración 3 horas al día Precio / semana
1 semana 12 horas de lunes a jueves 132 €
2 semanas 24 horas de lunes a jueves 122 €
3 a 12 semanas 36 a 144 horas de lunes a jueves 112 €
Mas de 13 semanas Más de 156 horas de lunes a jueves 102 €

Opción 2 – de lunes a viernes

Duración 4 horas al día Precio / semana
1 semana 20 horas de lunes a viernes 155 €
2 semanas 40 horas de lunes a viernes 145 €
3 a 12 semanas 60 a 240 horas de lunes a viernes 135 €
Mas de 13 semanas Más de 260 horas de lunes a viernes 115 €


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

Total numbers of students in course