Private Spanish CLASSES

Private Spanish CLASSES

From 15€

About this course

A course designed for you to learn at your own pace, attending to your own needs, interests and objectives.

500 million Spanish speaker await you.

Tools suitable for you navigate the Spanish speaking world.

Course description

Are you afraid to speak in front of your classmates?
Private Spanish classes can help you as we are able to create a course adapted to your needs. With these personalised private classes you will have the possibility to discover a wide range of tools that meet your needs and help you develop your linguistic skills. On the first day of class we will review your current knowledge of the language and create a study plan to help you achieve your academic objectives within your time limit.

For classes outside of the ELE USAL BILBAO building, the cost of travel for the teacher will be added to the course price.

The course focuses on all aspects of language by practising phrases, vocabulary and written expression in everyday situations, strengthening them through tools such as, debates, projects, role play and tasks, working on each student’s weaknesses. We have a customised program to best meet the needs of students and tailor the course to their needs.

Private Spanish classes can be taken in person, online or in a combined way.
For more information and discounts, please contact us.

Advantages of doing a private Spanish course in ELE USAL BILBAO


  • ELE USAL’s own material and methodology.
  • Teaching methods concentrated on conversation and communication.
  • Evaluation and cultural activities completely free.
  • Books, WIFI and welcome folder included in your registration.
  • New classes every week through the year, including in summer.
  • ELE USAL schools teach Spanish in the fastest and most continuous way.
  • Everyday there is a new theme of conversation to use in daily situations.
  • Language trips, studying and visiting the University of Salamanca without missing out on classes.
  • This course allows you to maintain a good balance between your daily life, your studies, your work and other activities that you may want to do.
  • A certificate thats recognised in the ELE world, stamped by the University of Salamanca and ELE USAL BILBAO.


This private course can be taken alongside any other Spanish in ELE USAL BILBAO.

Pack: Private classes 30 hours 20 hours 10 hours
1 student 32€ for 30h = 960€ 33€ for 20h = 660€ 35€ for 10h = 350€
2 students 17€ for 30h = 510€ 18€ for 20h = 360€ 20€ for 10h = 200€
 3 students 15€ for 30h = 450€ 16€ for 20h = 320€ 18€ for 10h = 180€
4 students or more Group price  Group price  Group price

*Price per student.


All ages and levels following the CEFR A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Minimum stay

1 week


Flexible hours, Monday to Friday

Minimum of 2 hours per week


From €15/hour

Duration of the class

Following the needs of the student

Number of students

Between one and three students per class

Start date

Course available every month throughout the year

Cultural activities

Very frequent depending on the needs of our students

Any day, any time, any place

Transport and travel time will be added for classes offered outside of ELE USAL BILBAO


With teacher from 5 continents


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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